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Youth Protection and Leader Training

BSA Youth Protection Mission Statement

True youth protection can be achieved only through the focused commitment of everyone in Scouting. It is the mission of Youth Protection volunteers and professionals to work within the Boy Scouts of America to maintain a culture of Youth Protection awareness and safety at the national, regional, area, council, district, and unit levels.

Pack 70 takes Youth Protection Seriously!

All Leaders and Scout Parents are required to complete Youth Protection Training. 

Click here to take Youth Protection training .
You do not have to be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America to take Youth Protection training.  Once you complete the Youth Protection Training, please submit your training certificate to the Pack Secretary so we have a record of your training. (For this course in Spanish please go to Protección Juvenil En Español)

You do not have to be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America to take Youth Protection training.To take Youth Protection training go to  and create an account. You’ll receive an email notification with your account information, including a member ID/reference number.

From the  portal, click Menu then My Dashboard from the menu list. The My Training page displays to take Youth Protection training. Upon completion, you may print a training certificate to submit with a volunteer application. Your training will automatically be updated in our system and associated with the member ID/reference number issued when you created the account.

When your volunteer application is approved, you will receive a BSA membership card that includes your member ID number.

The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for our youth members. To maintain such an environment, the BSA developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies and provides parents and leaders with resources for the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing programs.

Leadership Selection

The Boy Scouts of America takes great pride in the quality of our adult leadership. Being a leader in the BSA is a privilege, not a right. The quality of the program and the safety of our youth members call for high-quality adult leaders. We work closely with our chartered organizations to help recruit the best possible leaders for their units.

The adult application requests background information that should be checked by the unit committee or the chartered organization before accepting an applicant for unit leadership. While no current screening techniques exist that can identify every potential child molester, we can reduce the risk of accepting a child molester by learning all we can about an applicant for a leadership position—his or her experience with children, why he or she wants to be a Scout leader, and what discipline techniques he or she would use.

Youth Protection is Required Training!

  • Youth Protection training is required for all BSA registered volunteers.
  • Youth Protection training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer’s Youth Protection training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be re-registered.

Becoming a Trained Leader 

Parents are the lifeblood of any Cub Scout Pack. We depend on our parents to step up and help on numerous levels. Without their help, our program would be limited and our Scouts would be missing out on the fun. 
It is very easy to become a Trained Leader in Boy Scouts.  ALL the required training can be taken online – so you can take the courses at your own pace!
Steps Toward Leadership
 Talk to the Cubmaster or Committee Chair about your interest. Discuss which role(s) you might focus your effort. 
  1. Request an Adult Leader Application.
  2. Plan a good hour if completing a Den Leader, Cubmaster or Pack Committee module.
  3. Go to If you do not already have an online account then click Create Account. Once account is created, Sign In. 
  4. Click the Home link in top left and select My Dashboard.
  5. First: Click Take Course for Youth Protection Training.
  6. Once done with Youth Protection Training (YPT) then click the Training Center link at the center top of screen.
  7. Select the Cub Scouting bar.
  8. Select which category you are taking training for Den Leader, Cubmaster or Pack Committee. Most will be selecting Den Leader. Click Take Course next to the category.
  9. It will require you to Sign In again. If you saved your login and password then it should be there and just click Sign In.
  10. Select Cub Scouting a second time.
  11. Click the Select A Training Program box.
  12. Again choose a category. This is more specific depending on if you are a Tiger Leader, Cub Scout (Wolf / Bear) or Webelos Leader. We have ALL leader even Assistants, do the main Den Leader Training, ALL Cubmaster and Assistants CM’s do the Cubmaster Training and all Committee Chairs, including Members do the Committee Chair Training.
  13. Once you click on the training there will be several modules and sub moduals. Click the + sign next to each main module to add it to your “My Learning” plan.
  14. Click the three horizontal bars at the top left and select the My Leadering link.
  15. Click the module to begin. This will take you the sub-modules. Click the name of the sub-module. Once in the sub-module screen click Launch to the far right. 
  16. HINT: When on the modules screen of the Learning Plans, do a right click and open the module in New Tab. This will then open the sub-modules in a new tab and will allow you to go back to the modules when done. Otherwise you have to click on the link to My Learning again to get back to the modules.
  17. When on the screen you will see text that says “Click here to launch the course”. Click that link. When done click the arrow to complete the course.
  18. I’ve gone through the training and it may be complicated for some. Click below for a more detailed PDF with screenshots. (Coming Soon).
  19. Submit your Application with a printed copy of your “Youth Protection” & “This is Scouting” Training certificates.
  20. When you get your official BSA number you should plug it into your account. (This helps at the end of the year when it comes time to re-charter our Pack.)
The more parents the better the program and the more rewarding it is for everyone.

Required & Recommended Supplemental Trainings:

Always Required  CPR, AED, & Wilderness First Aid

If you are a new Pack 70 leader or family member and would like to organize a group for training please speak to our Cubmaster or sign up for classes at the 

American Red Cross Training Center(Click the link, type in your zip code, hit enter, select Course Category, Course Format, and Date Range, then click to Find Courses.)

Required for All Outdoor Activities & Travel  Hazardous Weather & Drive Safely

We live in North Texas, and as many of you know, weather can change in a moments notice. We need more pack adults to step up and get trained to be alert and informed when we attend outdoor events. These trainings are available online following the directions above under the Supplemental Training section.

Required for All Activities Near or In Water  Safe Swim Defense & Safety Afloat

This training supports the Cub Scout summer swimming program, autumn and spring campouts, and various water-based adventures in all ranks. These trainings are available online following the directions above.

Required for All Hiking or Climbing Activities – Trek Safety & Climb On Safely

Teaches what is required before scouts go on a hike or climb, whether indoors or outdoors. As much as we go on hikes, these are essential trainings for Pack adults. These trainings are available online following the directions above.
Required for All Pack Camping  Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) Training
Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation is a one-day training event that introduces parents and leaders to the skills needed to plan and conduct pack outdoor activities, particularly pack camping. There is an online BALOO Prerequisite Training that you must take before taking this face-to-face class. All new Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders should take this course before our first campout, if possible.
Recommended for All Webelos Leaders  Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) Training
Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills is a full weekend introduction to Boy Scout Camping. Webelos Dens will be invited to camp with Boy Scouts, and so it is recommended that Webelos Den Leaders take IOLS training.

Recommended for All Leaders Woodbadge

 Wood Badge courses are advanced, national leadership courses open only to Scouting volunteers and professionals (Scouters). These courses require projects, so the sooner you take these courses, the easier it is to complete. Wood Badge is 1 week long or 2 full weekends (Friday through Sunday).

Listen to the April 2017 CubCast, “Tell Us More About Wood Badge,” to learn even more about this advanced leadership training course.

Check out the latest CubCast! 

Click this text here to play it. If you are having troubles playing the CubCast, follow the link below to install the latest Adobe Flash & Adobe Shockwave Players. Click Here to INSTALL Adobe Flash & Adobe Shockwave Players 

Leader Links
  • USSSP BALOO Bugle –  Baloo’s Bugle is a monthly collection of program helps for Cub Scout leaders. Each month a new edition is published with ideas for the following month’s Cub Scouting theme. Look for the new edition near the beginning of each month. 
  • Cooking Campfire Style (Campfire Recipes) – Learn really easy tasty recipes you can do during a pack camping event or even a family camping weekend.
Parent Action Items

  • Volunteer to help with small defined tasks. 
  • Ask your Den Leader if they need help.
  • Ask the Cubmaster or Committee Chair about the needs of the Pack. 
  • Remain positive and look for ways to improve the program – turn problems into solutions.  We are not perfect and we will never be perfect. So don’t expect perfection, expect an honest effort.
  • Follow the advice we give the boys… Do your best!
  • We need your help and ideas!  You probably see something we could do better, a way to improve, an activity that would be fun for our Scouts.  Don’t keep it to yourself, share it.  We urge you to attend our Parent Committee Meetings so that you can have your voice heard.
  • Encourage other parents to help.  Work as a team with projects that need attention.
  • Leader’s Motto: “Many hands make light work.”
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