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Meeting Schedules

Pack Meetings are held at Black Forest Community Club.  Den Meetings are held at a location of Den Leaders’ choosing.

Pack Meetings –Typically 2nd Thursday each month, check out the Pack Calendar for the date, time, and location.
What are Pack Meetings? Pack Meetings are when scouts perform a flag ceremony, do skits, and receive advancements. The Cubmaster will update you what’s going on, what’s coming up and the Core Value for the month.

Den Meetings – Days and Times are determined by the Den Leader.
What are Den Meetings? Den meetings are when cub scouts break off into groups with other scouts their age. The scouts work on their required and elective adventures, practice upcoming skits, and learn and perform lessons they will use for the rest of their lives.  Currently, many of our dens meet at Den Leader homes on Thursday nights.

Pack Committee Meetings – 1st Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted on the pack calendar. Check with the Committee Chair each month to find out location of meeting.

What is a Pack Committee and what do they do? The Pack Committee takes care of the administrative needs of the pack. It is organized and chaired by the Pack Committee Chairperson. The pack committee consists of the committee chair and at least three people and is responsible for:

  • Finding a meeting place (Black Forest Fire Station is our standard meeting location)
  • Setting the Pack policies in accordance with Boy Scouting and the chartered organization.
  • Coordinating the Pack program with that of the charter organization.
  • Assist with the annual Pack charter renewal.
  • Is responsible for carrying out the policies and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Provides encouragement to leaders in carrying out the Pack program.
  • Provides the finances and fundraising coordination for the Pack.
  • Is responsible for Pack property.
  • Is responsible for the quality of the adult leadership and that the leadership is recruited and trained. This is all adult leadership, including Cubmaster.
  • Responsible for recommending this leadership to the charter organization for final approval.
  • Coordination between the Pack and other scouting units.
UPDATE: Attention Scout parents! As our current scouts grow from Cub Scouts to Webelos and on to Boy Scouts, we will need volunteers to fill positions vacated by those leaders moving on. Please look over the list and if you see something that you’re interested in and fits you well, please contact us via email. We can get you started in training so you will be more than comfortable in your new leadership role and the pack will transition smoothly. Without the help of our parents the pack cannot grow. It’s up to each and every parent to help contribute as much as they can.
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